Saturday, October 1, 2011

Simple Meltagun conversion for Cadian Troopers

Greetings all,

I thought I would post the melta gun conversion I did for my cadian troopers. Basically, I had 3 metal melta guns which I thought would be a pain to put on my cadians, not to mention the hand on the metal gun does not match up. I used the flamer bits from the cadian sprue to make this work.

These are the two guns we are working with:

This is the plastic flamer bit with the end and the gas valve clipped off:

Three metal melta guns with the tips pried off (no need to clip, they will come off with some gentle bending):

Melta tips superglued to flamer chasis:

Mounted on the Cadians. Veteran Power!

I am also working on a demolition Cadian (this veteran squad will be run as demolitions experts), and I will post when complete!

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  1. Nice one! Those look rather cool - simple and effective. Keep up the great work!