Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Shoota Squad done!

My first set of 10 shoota boyz is finally done. I started them a couple of weeks ago, and lost steam. After playing a couple games with my orks this weekend, it gave me the kick I needed to finish them.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Waagh defeated...Again!

I was able to get a game in today with my Orks. I played against a GK player. We played a 1500 annihilation game. His list was roughly:
Terminator Librarian
2 Squads of 10 Terminators; one squad had 2 psycannons, both squads had a banner.
Land Raider Redeemer

I ran:

5 Lootas
10 Nobz in a trukk with a painboy
30 boyz with a nob and 3 big shootas
20 boyz with a nob and 2 rokkit launchas
6 bikerz with a nob
5 deffkoptas, 5x tl rokkit launchas and 2x chain saws

All in all it ended up being a close game. By deffkoptas were gone by turn 2. He combat squaded 10 termies, and my bikerz wiped 5 + librarian in 2 rounds of combat. My warboss was killed along with 15 choppa boyz by an assault from the 10 strong termie squad, which was then wiped by a counterattack by the 30 boyz. His remaining 5 terminators counterassaulted what was left of the 30 boyz, and ended up 2 strong, and forcing that squad to run. At the end of the game I had the nob from the 20 boyz retreating, 4+nob from the 30 boyz retreating and the bikerz at half strength. He had 2 termies and a redeemer that had lost half of its weapon options. My nob squad was decimated in one round of shooting and 2 assault phases.

I learned a valuable lesson when playing against the Grey Knights: Assault at your own risk. The plethora of power weapons/force weapons brings woe to an army without any invulnerable saves. That being said, my orks faired pretty well. They smashed some grey knight faces, which was extremely satisfying. In the end, I made some tactical errors which probably cost me the win.

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Rampaging Host Force Org Chart

Here is the force organization for my rampaging host. The host is a lose alliance between Tal Argal (former captain of the Word Bearer's, now ascended to demonhood) and Terminator Lord Krell, who has remnants of the 5th Battle Company of the World Eater's at his command. Tal brings many demons to the fight, and the World Eater's are their same old charming selves. Let me know if the concept seems solid, or is it just cheese...lol!

Force Org for the 1st Cadian Recon Regiment, B Co "Emperor's Eyes"

Cruising the internet yesterday, I came across a blog that inspired me in a couple of ways. First, this guy is doing a pre-heresy Thousand Sons that is looking very cool. Also, he has a pretty cool way of laying out his armies using excel. It struck me as a great way of keeping track of your current status of an army, as well as adding the individual character (i.e. squad names/character names) and seems like it would help keep me goal oriented. Forgive me if you have already seen similar layouts, but i had to duplicate it for my IG. You can see some awesome original work at http://mordian7th.blogspot.com/

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

CSM Army

I have not posted any picks of my completed CSM army. The bloodletters were the first to be painted, and I will move on to the possessed (primed red) once I have finished my current batch of orks. All in all, there is:
Demon Prince
Chaos Term Lord (not pictured)
Great Demon (skulltaker)
5 Chaos Term (not pictured)
5 Possessed
10 Chosen
2x 8 Khorne Bezerkers
10 CSM
2x 10 Lesser Demons (bloodletters)

I have gotten some games in with them in the last month, and whether they have won or lost it has always been a blast. The only thing that I am missing from my wish list right now is a Chaos Defiler. Once I have that (who knows when) I will consider my list complete.

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Bloodletters! Blood for the Blood God!

A Couple quick picks of my 20 bloodletters. They were my first foray back into painting after about a year, mostly because they seemed like they would be easy enough to paint. Overall, I think they have turned out well. They have had some excellent results as my auxillary troops for my Khorne themed Chaos Space Marine army!

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Raven Guard!

I recently picked up a set of black reach marines for cheap off of ebay, and have been playing around with the idea of a Raven Guard army. This will be a shrike list, although I will eventually have enough points to vary. I also picked up a box of assault marines, bringing my total ~750 points.

Eventually I will run shrike, 5 terminators with an assault cannon, 10 man tac squad with rocket launcher, flamer, powersword and melta bomb, 2 x 10 man scout squads (4 sniper rifles, rocket launcher, 4 combat knives and a sergeant with powersword, combi-flamer and melta bomb), 1 or two 10 assault marines with powersword and meltabomb. I will likely run some vanguard vets as well.

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Monday, September 12, 2011

waaagh defeated!

I played a 1k game today against a black templars player. I was handily defeated in the 6th round, completely tabled. For a battle report check out mybrothermyenemy.blogspot.com

Expect some picks of my upcoming hobbying in the near future=D

Saturday, September 3, 2011

A big break is over

It has been over a year since I have posted, and figured it is time to start updating. This will be more for myself than anything, but am glad if anyone takes a look.

I have been actively gaming in the past year, and have gotten a game in once a month, sometimes weekly. I have started painting my orks, and have bought and built a khorne based chaos space marine army. Pictures and such to follow.

I will give a quick run down of my current 1500 Point CSM army list. I played and ended up loosing a game yesterday to a deathwing terminator army consisting of 21 termies and 2 dreadnoughts. He ended up with 4 models left on the table, so it was a close and frenetic game, with many assaults and counter assaults.

HQ: Terminator Chaos Lord with Power Fist and Personal Icon

HQ: Demon Prince with Mark of Khorne and Wings

Elite: 5 Terminators, Terminator Champion with powerfist, chainfist, heavy flamer, combi-flamer and 3 combi-meltas

Elite: 5 Chaos Chosen, Chosen Champion, plasma pistol, chaos glory, 2 melta guns

Elite: 5 Chaos Possessed with champion

Troops: 10 CSM, aspiring champion with power sword and plasma pistol, heavy bolter

Troops: 8 Khorne Bezerkers, Skull champion with powerfist and rhino

Troops: 10 summoned lesser demons

Troops: 10 summoned lesser demons

In the end I learned that deep striking demons and terminators with chaos icons can be very effective, but I need to have some transport for my possessed and chosen. There were many great assaults, and I rolled an amazing number of 5+ invulnerability saves, which kept my termies and demons in the fight for longer than I thought they would. Lots of fun was had overall. While I did not win, I considered it a success of sorts for my first game with the CSM.