Wednesday, September 21, 2011

CSM Army

I have not posted any picks of my completed CSM army. The bloodletters were the first to be painted, and I will move on to the possessed (primed red) once I have finished my current batch of orks. All in all, there is:
Demon Prince
Chaos Term Lord (not pictured)
Great Demon (skulltaker)
5 Chaos Term (not pictured)
5 Possessed
10 Chosen
2x 8 Khorne Bezerkers
10 CSM
2x 10 Lesser Demons (bloodletters)

I have gotten some games in with them in the last month, and whether they have won or lost it has always been a blast. The only thing that I am missing from my wish list right now is a Chaos Defiler. Once I have that (who knows when) I will consider my list complete.

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