Saturday, September 3, 2011

A big break is over

It has been over a year since I have posted, and figured it is time to start updating. This will be more for myself than anything, but am glad if anyone takes a look.

I have been actively gaming in the past year, and have gotten a game in once a month, sometimes weekly. I have started painting my orks, and have bought and built a khorne based chaos space marine army. Pictures and such to follow.

I will give a quick run down of my current 1500 Point CSM army list. I played and ended up loosing a game yesterday to a deathwing terminator army consisting of 21 termies and 2 dreadnoughts. He ended up with 4 models left on the table, so it was a close and frenetic game, with many assaults and counter assaults.

HQ: Terminator Chaos Lord with Power Fist and Personal Icon

HQ: Demon Prince with Mark of Khorne and Wings

Elite: 5 Terminators, Terminator Champion with powerfist, chainfist, heavy flamer, combi-flamer and 3 combi-meltas

Elite: 5 Chaos Chosen, Chosen Champion, plasma pistol, chaos glory, 2 melta guns

Elite: 5 Chaos Possessed with champion

Troops: 10 CSM, aspiring champion with power sword and plasma pistol, heavy bolter

Troops: 8 Khorne Bezerkers, Skull champion with powerfist and rhino

Troops: 10 summoned lesser demons

Troops: 10 summoned lesser demons

In the end I learned that deep striking demons and terminators with chaos icons can be very effective, but I need to have some transport for my possessed and chosen. There were many great assaults, and I rolled an amazing number of 5+ invulnerability saves, which kept my termies and demons in the fight for longer than I thought they would. Lots of fun was had overall. While I did not win, I considered it a success of sorts for my first game with the CSM.

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