Friday, March 5, 2010

Goodbye to Gobstyks

I had to say goodbye to Gobstyks last night. They were a great club, with many patient gamers willing to take the time to help a new 40K player learn the ropes. Unfortunately I got tied up with work and was not able to make it for my game. It was supposed to be against the fellow who was the first opponent I had at the club, and it would have been interesting to be able to play against him as my closing match.

I did get to check out some interesting matches that were entertaining watch. Dark Eldar vs. a 3 Valk/3 Russ list that ended up being a very very close match, with DE just pulling off the win, and Tyranids chomping all over some unfortunate old school Space Wolves.

Some of the Vets that I went to Warhammer World with a couple of weekends ago hooked me up with some Gobstyks dice and a club pin, which will look great on my bag...thanks guys!

All I can hope is that I am lucky enough to find a club as good as the one I am leaving when I get to the states!

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